Privacy Policy

 "Tabicon Miyazaki" operated by Sanwa Transportation Co., Ltd. will safely handle customers' important personal information in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" posted below.

Collect personal information

 "Tabicon Miyazaki" will provide personal information such as e-mail address, name, address, etc. within the scope of the following purposes by reserving a tour, cooperating with an online survey to improve the website, etc. We may offer you.
・In order to provide the customer's requested services, such as inquiries to customers regarding reservations, guidance of recommendation plans and limited plans, mail distribution, etc.
・To obtain statistical data to take measures to provide higher quality service to customers

Depending on the service of this website, we may receive confidential information (such as credit card information, etc.) from our customers, but we will endeavor to protect the information by encrypting the information at that time.
※In 'Tabicon Miyazaki', information on purchase is protected by SSL encrypted communication.

Handling credit card information

In "Tabicon Miyazaki" credit card business is entrusted to GMO Payment Gateway. Card information related to credit card transactions is not stored at all in "Tabicon Miyazaki".

Safety management of personal information

In order to properly manage personal information, "Tabicon Miyazaki" takes necessary measures, such as maintaining a security system and establishing an internal management system, conducts safety measures and strictly manages personal information.

Use of personal information

In the case of "Tabicon Miyazaki", in principle, we will use your personal information within the scope of the purpose of "Collecting personal information" as a rule and if you use it outside the scope of the purpose of "Collection of personal information" We will obtain your consent beforehand.

Disclosure or provision of personal information

"Tabicon Miyazaki" will not disclose or provide your personal information to third parties unless it is listed below.
・If you got consent beforehand from the customer.
・In cases where "Nabibosan Miyazaki" discloses or provides to the subcontractor etc. to the extent necessary for the customer to perform the desired service.
 Example) When notifying the customer's name, address, etc. to a company entrusted with services for support work
・When disclosing or providing statistical data in an unidentifiable form
・In case of receiving a disclosure request accompanied by a legal obligation from the court, the prosecution, the police or other judicial agency or the administrative agency
・"Tabicon Miyazaki" rationally decides that it is necessary to protect the rights of "Nabibosan Miyazaki" or third parties, property, safety, etc.


"Tabicon Miyazaki" will provide various services to customers in compliance with this privacy policy.
The service of 'Tabicon Miyazaki' will be provided to customers as if you agreed to the privacy policy.
In addition, we will review and improve this privacy policy as necessary to further enhance your personal information.