About Tabikon Miyazaki

What is a Tabicon Miyazaki ?

A driver who fits an ancient costume on a body shows the way. They acquire authorization of a sightseeing master.Whole car to the destination is also the taxi from which the member who can have a customer taste fun conversation and atmosphere was different.It isn't necessary to be a transfer like a bus and a train also there is also no worry in a parking lot. Please use it once by all means in order to travel more happily happily.

About an operating company.

Sanwa traffic group is managing "Tabicon Miyazaki". Sanwa traffic group is the company doing taxi bus vicarious execution driving and passenger vehicle transportation business of the nursing taxi mainly in Miyazaki-ken. Sanwa traffic group home page / Company Profile

How to Apply

  1. Choosing a course of your choice

    Please choose the course where you'd like to go from a list of tour courses first. If a course is decided, I press the wild boar which "signs up for this tour", apply and advance towards the form. The person hurrying reservation fixation and the person who applies on the tour request date day call, and please apply.

  2. I apply temporarily from the form.

    Be a page of the application form and input the contents of the tour and customer's information, and please press a Send button. Reservation isn't fixed yet at this stage, so please be careful.

  3. Select payment method

    After confirming the details of your application, please select the payment method of the tour fee.

  1. Enter payment information

    Selected tour fee Depending on the payment method, you will need to enter payment information. However, this step will be skipped if you choose bank transfer.

  2. Confirm reservation by receiving "e-Ticket"

    If payment is successfully completed, all provisional application will be completed. However, the tour reservation has not been completed yet at this point. We will confirm the content of the temporary application you applied and will send you an e-mail with e-Ticket from the secretariat, so reservation will be confirmed. Please understand that it may not be possible to board the tour of your choice depending on the reservation situation. If you do not hear from us during the next day of application, please contact us by phone, although sorry for any inconvenience.

About payment method

The following methods are available for payment.
1. Various credit cards VISA Master Card JCB American Express Diners Club
2. Bank transfer (prepayment)
Please make a payment to the following account.
Financial institution nameMiyazaki Bank(宮崎銀行)
Branch nameSaito Branch(西都支店)
Deposit typeOrdinary(普通)
Account number180722
Account holderSanwakoutsu kabu)(サンワコウツウ カブ))

※ Please enter your order number and make a payment.
※ Payment deadline is 3 days before the tour desired date. It will be automatically canceled when the deadline expires.
※ Please bear the transfer fee at the customer's expense.

About cancellation

1.If provisional application has not been confirmed
If the reservation can not be confirmed by the administrative side reason such as when you can not get on the tour due to the reservation situation etc., the information you settled will be canceled on the administrative side and payment will not be raised.
2. Cancellation of tour reservation by customer
In case of requesting cancellation due to customer's circumstances etc, we will charge the cancellation fee specified below.

Retroactively starting from the day before the tour desired date

Up to 21 days agofree
From 20 days to
8 days in advance
20% of travel fee
From 7 days to
2 days in advance
30% of travel fee
Until the previous day40% of travel fee
That day50% of travel fee
That day (no contact))
After the tour starts
100% of travel fee

have a nice trip!